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Lecture Outlines/Key Concepts

Chapter 1: What is a cell? By Benjamin Lewin
Chapter 2: Transport of ions and small molecules across membranes by Stephan E. Lehnart and Andrew R. Marks
Chapter 3: Membrane targeting of proteins by D. Thomas Rutkowski and Vishwanath R. Lingappa
Chapter 4: Protein trafficking between membranes by Graham Warren and Ira Mellman
Chapter 5: Nuclear structure and transport by Charles N. Cole and Pamela A. Silver
Chapter 6: Chromatin and chromosomes by Benjamin Lewin
Chapter 7: Microtubules by Lynne Cassimeris
Chapter 8: Actin by Enrique M. De La Cruz and E. Michael Ostap
Chapter 9: Intermediate filaments by E. Birgitte Lane
Chapter 10: Mitosis by Conly Rieder
Chapter 11: Cell cycle regulation by Srinivas Venkatram, Kathleen L. Gould, and Susan L. Forsburg
Chapter 12: Apoptosis by Douglas R. Green
Chapter 13: Cancer-Principles and overview by Robert A. Weinberg
Chapter 14: Principles of cell signaling by Melanie H. Cobb and Elliott M. Ross
Chapter 15: The extracellular matrix and cell adhesion by George Plopper
Chapter 16: Prokaryotic Cell Biology by Jeff Errington, Matthew Chapman, Scott J. Hultgren, and Michael Caparon
Chapter 17: Plant cell biology by Clive Lloyd
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